Not everybody likes going to the gym, or maybe you may not be bothered to strain yourself with weights.

Be it because of the price, having to wait for people to be done with equipment, or even simply because you may not have time for a commute to a gym, fitness is one of the most important parts of life.

Fitness is a necessity and there should be no excuses! Beginner or not, anyone can incorporate a fitness routine into their day.

There are many good home workouts one can do without the need of equipment, just your own body weight…

Here are my top 5 workouts you can do at home without the need of weights.

Chin Ups

Chin ups are one of my favourite workouts that I do from home.

When I first started off, I could only do 4(I know, that’s terrible)!

But practice makes perfect. Nowadays I do 5 sets of 10 reps which works my biceps and back muscles.

My favourite part of this workout is the rapid progression you can see yourself gain, and the quick changes in physique that become visible.

You can buy a chin up bar online for a cheap price that you can hook onto your door frame here.

So for a workout that’s both challenging and rewarding, I definitely recommend it!

Chin ups holiday
Me doing chin ups on holiday

Push ups

This is most probably the most versatile workout that’s on this list, as there are so many different ways to do push ups with so many different muscles to be worked depending on technique.

If you aren’t used to doing push ups you can always practice by taking it slow and doing knee press ups.

Knee press ups are when your knees are resting on the ground while you perform normal press ups. However, these will not help you gain muscle, they’re merely useful just for practicing the motion if you really needed to.

You could do regular push ups which works chest and triceps mainly, or you could do wide-arm push ups which emphasizes chest also.

Push Up Position

Source: Gif Mania

If you want a real challenge you could attempt diamond press ups which is another technique that works triceps.

You can do these by placing your hands on the ground and forming a diamond shape with your thumbs and index fingers touching, then perform the push ups as usual.

Another technique that is not very common are fist push ups.

These target your wrists and will eventually help them build muscle, yet I recommend wearing leather gloves to protect your knuckles, as bare-knuckling the ground and having your body weighing them down can hurt.

Fist push ups
Fist push ups in my garden

I usually do at least 10 reps of one type of push up, for five sets before bed.


Probably the most underrated workout on the list.

…And I’m not talking about this type of planking.


This workout targets your core, hips and back. So for this, you position yourself in a push-up-like position and hold it for 60 seconds.

If you cant manage to maintain the plank position for 60 seconds, then practice maintaining it for 30-45 seconds.

Doing this regularly literally takes the amount of time it takes to complete in your day, so if you want to take one step closer to your 6 pack but think you don’t have time, remember you only need to put 1 minute aside per day!


Something that was one of my biggest mistakes back in the day was that I constantly skipped leg day.

The reason why it was a mistake is that it takes just 5 minutes to give yourself a leg workout before you go bed, or even as soon as you wake up, as well as my body becoming out of proportion!

Lunges are when you step forward and lower your hips so both your knees are bent, then you just swap legs and repeat.

It is a very simple exercise that I usually do 20 reps (10 each leg), and I recommend doing 3 sets if you’re a beginner.

If you want a real challenge and have access to a barbell at home, then try doing the same but with the weights on your shoulders for added weight.

This is a list of my top 5 workouts without weights, so of course it isn’t necessary to add the barbell!

weighted lunges
Lunges with a 30kg barbell for an added challenge

Sit Ups

When I was in Primary school, year 5 to be precise, I distinctly remember one of my class mates teaching me a lesson that has changed my body to this day.

I used to have weekly swimming lessons on Thursdays and I remember one of my friends (somehow already in year 5) had a six pack, and I wanted a six pack!

So I asked him how and he then went on to tell me that he did 100 sit ups every day, so that night I went home, tucked my feet under the bed frame, and did 100 sit ups.

I only vaguely remember this, but I do remember that it was for at least a month and a half that I kept on doing the 100 sit ups every day without fail, and to this day I still have my six pack, bearing in mind I haven’t done sit ups regularly for at least 8 years.

sit ups

So this is a workout that I have tried myself and seen results for, which have shaped my stomach with the results remaining even after I stopped regularly doing them.

You will feel the burn, but it will be SO worth it in the end. Remember, ‘no pain no gain’.

Here are Top 5 workouts to do without the need of weights:

  1. Chin ups
  2. Push ups
  3. Plank
  4. Lunges
  5. Sit ups