Nowadays, without a doubt, we can now say that we are living in the future.

Technology has excelled far beyond anyone could have imagined, with the biggest changes more or less happening within the past decade.

I’m 19 now, but when I was 9 I distinctly remember the lack of many things that are the norm today. Things such as: Facebook, Instagram, smartphones, tablets… even HD TVs. Within one decade, we have officially excelled into the future.

Technology evolving in this day and age certainly has its perks, such as GPS making it possible to get anywhere from anywhere, or taking HD photos on a device which was originally invented for one person to contact another.

iPhone users

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There are however, various negative effects of technology on society, many of which I have only started noticing in the past few years… This just goes to show the impact of technology on this generation, and how significant it may well become for future generations.

This post is mainly about the negative effects of technology of today’s society; feel free to let me know in the comments if you disagree with any of my points.

Technology is making people antisocial.

I remember when I was still in secondary school and every other day I used to go to my cousin’s house, as I used to constantly be around family.

I also distinctly remember a game me and my four cousins used to play: ‘The ABC game’, blackjack or rummy with a deck of cards, etc; we used to just chill and play games without the need of technology…

I had a Sony Ericsson W395, only used it for music on the way to school and for my mum to call me after school, and I just remember people being more social, and happy.

Then the Blackberry 8520 came out and took over the world, or at least London by storm (pun intended)!

But the Blackberry wasn’t a negative impact on how people were, in fact, people used to text more, but it was a different type of way to be social, through Facebook and BBM I’d say that’s when social media was truly born.

But it wasn’t until the iPhone 5 came out in 2012 where I remember the world truly changing forever.



The development of various apps: Instagram in particular, Snapchat, not an app but the popularity of memes also, in a way, although unintended by app developers, have in turn driven people further apart through social media rather than bringing them together.

Now I’ll explain how the impact of technology on society has worsened, starting with how it has changed people’s behaviour.

Technology is changing people’s priorities.

I think it goes without saying that ever since the iPhone became popular, people have changed drastically.

I just see technology as the new hang out for people. What I mean by this is, instead of people hanging out and experiencing situations with their friends to remember, nowadays people are scrolling on Instagram and liking memes instead of enjoying life in the moment.

addicted to social media


People have more pleasure in going abroad seeing sights to show their followers, rather than experiencing the country alone, people nowadays feel the need to document their every day lives.

People feel less obliged to check on their old friends’ well-being, nowadays people just search their name, see their latest pics and drop a few ‘likes’ to show that they’ve acknowledged their presence…

The world is more about catching something on camera than the actual action, a person who feeds the homeless originally does it out of the kindness of their own heart; yet today’s generation do it with the incentive that they’ll get popular, or to force the impression that they are kind-hearted…

Another way technology has changed society is the way people react to their phones dying. It’s gotten to the point where many people are going out of their way to get hold of portable chargers, there are countless people I know that have made it clear they can’t live without their phones.

Many people have shown they can’t live without their daily intake of scrolling through photos which hold no real value to their day when actually put into perspective.

People have become addicted to technology in a sense, people would rather scroll on Instagram than go out and be social, as it’s become a trend of some sort to be lazy and less social, but more ‘active’ on social media, it’s sad really…

Be sure to return next Thursday for part two; Thanks for reading!