You may have read my previous post on how technology affects society. I covered how technology is making people antisocial, its impact on people’s priorities, and how people generally rely too much on technology in this day and age.

Yet, the things I have witnessed over time have just been shocking to me, I believe it goes far beyond just memes, online videos and news on celebs.

Remember when the latest iPhone came out?

camping for iphone

Source: The Daily Mail

People camped for it. Camped outside the Apple Store for a phone that’s a little bit better than the previous phone.

That’s just people’s efforts of buying a phone; it’s not even about how it affects you, me, your children, society altogether.

Technology is changing how children are raised

What I remember distinctly, as a bored child, was constantly finding a new way to entertain myself. I used to play with my toys (till they got thrown away), I used to draw, play run outs with my friends, football, or when I couldn’t be bothered for anything, my PS2.

That’s what I used to have, no phone, if I had a phone there was nothing to do on it, just play snake, call and text.

Nowadays your three-year-old toddler is watching videos on your iPad, or playing a game on it. Angry birds, Flappy Bird, Color switch. I have a young niece and she still plays with toys when ’cause when her cousin comes over, it’s all about the toys.

I see her after school very often and I can say for a very long while she has been neglecting her toys and instead prefer her entertainment herself from a touchscreen.

It’s just that back then in my childhood at 10 I was playing out, no phone, just exploring my area, the local park and just enjoying my childhood. I didn’t have any show I desired on demand like every kid does now.

Previous neighbourhood
My area that I lived in ten years ago, a few new changes I’ve noticed in the area, but it’s more or less the same as it’s always beem..

Source: Google Maps

I read comics, The Simpsons comics was a real addiction. Whenever I look through them old cartoons it brings me a great feeling of nostalgia. Memories of going the the cafe with my mama and reading those comics are just great, reminded me of much simpler times.

I have little cousins from age 12 with Facebook accounts (well I did have a Facebook and Bebo) but I don’t ever remember me or anyone else in my childhood putting that before playing out. Everybody was happy to live simply.

Last time I went to Portugal, last August actually, I spent most of my time there with my younger cousin. We and the other cousins went to the beach, sunbathed, played Blackjack and just generally enjoyed what our mother country has to offer. But I remember whenever it turned nighttime, the kid was always on his phone.

Blackjack hand
Blackjack in our grandfathers patio

We would be walking on the strip which had waffle stands, ice cream trucks, he’d just be neglecting the surroundings and be lost in the world of his phone. We don’t have Wi-Fi back in Quarteira, so he stayed outside the local cafe till around 4 am till he came home, just to watch viral videos.

My point to take from this is that technology is now affecting people from a younger age and turning them unresponsive, inactive and generally antisocial; Now imagine how this could affect their development and how they may end up at a later stage in life…

Technology is taking over experiences

We’ve all seen those memes similar to this:


Source:Ghetto Redhot

These are the types of things on social media which we enjoy seeing the most as it relates to us and can remind us of a memory, so in a way it can be a good thing.

But is it really?

The way I see it may be far-fetched to some, but I think that those memes have an opposite effect. What I mean about this, is that instead of thinking of relateable memories when seeing those, it’s almost as if people spend hours scrolling through these quotes to see them, instead of experiencing it in real life.

addicted to social media

Source: Pinterest

We’ve all done it, even if its just for five minutes, when you’re bored you resort to Instagram to scroll and look at things relateable to ourselves, or pictures of things to make you smile, then you get carried away.

I do it myself, and it’s sad, that you can be with a group of people but you’re all disconnected, when has a mobile phone ever been more important than quality time with your friends and family? Times have changed.

Technology is ruining our attention span

People on phones at work is now a problem, I’ve seen it, I’ve been the problem, it’s just a problem.

Countless times I’ve been speaking to someone who isn’t able to hear as their mind is physically somewhere else, in their virtual world, their virtual persona prioritized over their true self.

Technology makes me and people lose interest in their tasks and even people around them, forgetting their priorities just to get their daily fix of Instagram…

The connection with my family is still strong, yet when we’re together I’ve seen slight changes. Whether I’m playing Fifa with my cousin or having a game of Blackjack, people always end up going on their phones.

Never before have we been so addicted to our phones and apps. The sad thing is, it happened so suddenly that it’s now affecting everybody, our friends, our family, even our children.

We all need to get ourselves back, as we are focusing on screens as if it holds any true value compared to our real non-virtual life.

Methods of communication may be improving but communication is declining, phones are getting better but lives are getting worse.

Phones are becoming smarter and people are becoming dumber. Blah, Blah, Blah.

You get the point.

We need to find ourselves again, this life we’ve been living wasn’t meant to be spent addicted to your phones and neglecting life.

Live more and use your phone less.