Money is the root of all problems. It leads to the division of people through power, class, greed, corruption, the list can go on…

But, whether we like it or not, as long as we live in a urbanized area, and rely on supermarkets to feed ourselves, we will need money to survive.

Money is not all negative. It feeds you, clothes you, pays your bills for hot water, electricity, can buy you a car for travel, or for less you can use a train to get you places.

Money is not all bad. But, riddle me this: Does money make you happy?

The following post is going to be about the pros and cons of money and whether it truly makes you happy.

How Money Makes People Happy

Money can make you a very happy man, or woman, depending on how you live and what you truly value. If you’re a materialistic person, you may enjoy a ‘high life’ where you live expensive: Fast cars, expensive food, fine wines, designer clothes, accessories, whatever.

In my opinion, those things, to me, only bring temporary happiness. You are happy in the moment of receiving something, then its novelty dies down. But is it only me?


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I don’t know about you, but when I didn’t have a phone for a while and my mum told me one morning that she was getting me an iPhone 6s, I was so excited.

A month passes and the phone is just my phone now… We all get that feeling of having something new and it feeling new for a while, then it’s just another thing you have.

It’s life, you never find true value in material things as our genetic build up is simply not wired to cherish these things for too long, ’cause when it comes to it, these things we buy are just useless pieces of metal.

Any feeling of a demand for them are just really good marketing techniques fabricating the mindset that we need the latest phone or laptop, but once you get them, their value soon becomes close to nothing.

But of course, that’s not all money gets you. Money can take people around the world, it can take people through university and open many doors for them, it can get people a bigger house for their families to live in, it even pays for the furniture that makes a house a home.



In the city at least, money does make people more happy, increases quality of life, and is seen as a necessity. Now let’s talk about how money has negative effects on people.

How Money Makes People Unhappy

Money may buy you nice things, a nice house, expensive clothes, better food, a car, whatever. But you can’t really have all of that at once, unless you’ve paid your bills, taxes, rent, and have money left over.

Money can make people think that they’re of less worth than people that have more of it. For example, the fact that money can class individuals, and the fact that there are ‘classes’ of people depending on an individual’s bank account is just stupid in my eyes.

Obviously I wouldn’t know this for sure, but my guess is that people used to be classed on real meaningful traits such as: abilities, knowledge, wisdom, rather than the amount of paper in their pocket, or numbers on their screen. People rank their ‘worth’ on their bank account which holds no real true value in their life, and in turn makes people unhappy.

But consider a person with children and a full-time job with a home for their family. Every single month: bills come out; food is bought; rent is paid; clothes are bought for the children; random ‘taxes’ are charged; extra food is bought every now and then; all these minor and major spending habits all resulting in one conclusion: broke at the end of the month.

People can work for 40+ hours every single week and still not be able to save for a complete payment for a house, or the car they want, or trainers, because they get into a vicious cycle, due to money. Some people live in a house all their life, die, and the bank takes it back due to unpaid mortgages.


Source: Huffington Post

Money makes people happy when they are earning a lot of it and they are able to manage it well, if you spend recklessly or aren’t satisfied with how much you earn, then money will have an adverse effect on you.

Most of the world’s stress comes from money, wars are started because of money, food is not given for free because of money. Even water pumps in third world countries need people’s donations to create, allegedly.

They say ‘Money makes the world go round’ but I relate more to the quote stating: ‘Money does not buy happiness’.

That was another ‘Thought Thursday’ post on how money affects people and whether or not it makes people happy. Be here next week for part 2 of ‘Does money make you happy?’ where I’ll speak about people in poverty, what actually causes happiness, and how wisdom and money can potentially lead to happiness.

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