If you read my previous post on money and happiness you would have read about the negatives and positives money can cause and in general how money doesn’t cause happiness, it merely just leads to problems.

This post is going to cover what actually makes you happy and continue on to part 2 of the topic of whether money can buy happiness.

Firstly, I’m gonna talk about what really makes you happy in the first place.

What Makes People Happy?

What makes a person happy isn’t something you can generalize but I believe we can all relate on these main things: Food(being able to eat regularly and comfortably), Security(A paid-off home and no debt), and Family(Quality time with friends and family is what really makes life worth living.).

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Money can provide these things (except family), but if you are unwise and do not save your money it becomes less of a pleasure, but more of a thing you have to do, even though it isn’t.

Living in a city highly influenced with materialism has a large effect on people and leads to them being less grateful for what they get, materialism simply makes people constantly wanting something ‘new’ then once they get something new, the novelty soon fades again, as I mentioned last week…

People in poverty stricken areas have virtually nothing, but still manage to be happy and make the most of what they’ve got, they seem to be a lot more happy than these ungrateful, depressing children you see nowadays, angry because they didn’t get the latest console for Christmas.

It seems like people have more of a soul if they are less influenced by money.

happy in poverty

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But despite all that, I’m assuming most people reading this live within an urbanized area and so obviously this wouldn’t apply to them.

The problem people have is that they earn money, then don’t know what to do with it; they may spend it on rent, then on a night out, then they’re broke.

In this case money makes people unhappy due to their feeling of helplessness to change this cycle. This next part will communicate my view on how to leave this cycle and make money work to your advantage and make you happy.

How To Be Money Wise

So what would you consider as money wise, or, less confusingly, wise with money? When you earn, bay your bills, buy your food, and save a certain amount every month, or every so often you get paid…

No one wants to be in the cycle, but many do end up in a cycle of spending the remainder of their money on nights out, drinks, clothes they don’t need, etc. The process of being wise with money isn’t that easy to come by.

money causing sadness

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This process can only happen if you give yourself a target. For example, there’s this house you want to buy outright no mortgages, to be bought abroad for £60,000. You’d need to set a yearly target to save, over how many years, meaning disciplining how much you save every month too.

So in this case, you save for ten years, 500 a month, so £6,000 a year. But enough maths, my point is, if you had that target and it was achievable for you then every bit of money you receive would be one step closer to your goal and would in turn make you happy once you reach it.

I believe simplicity is the key to happiness. Save and pay for a house, keep fit, and eat good.

If you lived in a house that’s paid for, living life eating healthily, with a pet dog and regular exercise, just as an example, I guarantee you will feel happier than someone in an urban area who pays bills every month, works 40 hours and doesn’t save.

Some people underestimate that you only get one life, it’s a saying not to be taken lightly, live for a purpose and money won’t be a problem to you, set your goals and achieve them.

That’s another Thought Thursday for you Mizfits, part 2 of the two part Does Money Make You Happy topic, till next week!