If you were to ask me: Why are there wars? My answer is simple. Wars are a way of one country robbing some other country with the use of fear and propaganda to justify their actions.

What is a war? In my opinion, it’s when a country’s leader has a problem with another country’s leader, so they send their troops to fight the other soldiers in order to achieve whatever their aim is. Be it power, money, oil, the list goes on…

Wars are just inhumane, there’s no sugar coating it, wars kill men, women, children, soldiers who are loyal to their country, all for a profit.

This post is going to be about my opinion on wars, cost of wars, and the general effect it has on everybody involved.

The Damage War Causes

Wars kill people. First and foremost, war literally is the sending of troops to kill other troops, but it doesn’t really end up in just the troops dying or being injured, it leads to much more than that.

Some people dedicate their lives to fight for their country which offers no real incentive, despite the fact that they will be ‘honoured’, if they even survive…

Thousands of people die from collateral damage caused by war. Just by living in a country that has a war going on could mean it could be your last day alive at any time. Mothers, Fathers, Children, killed for being in a place where bombs are dropping, when all they want to do is be safe and away from all the conflict.


Source: Huffington Post

Men that have nothing to do with a country’s leaders’ disagreements, get trained to kill. Overcome hardcore training to be able to kill efficiently, while the people creating the problems remain in their safe havens, observing the outcomes from a distance.

I see leaders showing no remorse from the repercussions of war, they see them die but there’s no remorse, no statements, just charities asking for money to ‘donate’ to these countries in need of aid, basically taking advantage of a situation in order to profit from it.

The reasons are not known by us every day people (so to speak). We don’t make the decisions, we don’t know what is gained from it, if anything, people in the public fear war and see no need for it, but who am I to question what our ‘leaders’ choose to do?

The Aftermath of War

I’ve mentioned that soldiers die, civilians, children, but deaths aren’t the only negative impact coming from war, although it is the worst.

What happens if you’ve been in the army the past five years, shooting others, and just following orders? I don’t know about you but I’ve seen and heard of many homeless people that were originally in the army.

Source: Manchester Evening News

Surely these men and women must be honoured for their service; yet, how do they end up homeless?

People are turned into soldiers, trained killers, baited by adverts showing a sense of community and ‘coolness’ that the army provides. People can come back traumatised, shell shocked, heartbroken, yet they’ll just be left to deal with their depression and anxiety by themselves, as if they weren’t even paying a service to their country.

Let’s be real here, if you’re in the army, and follow orders with no question, you will be seen as a hero in that uniform. the other way you’re seen as a hero and acknowledged is if you’re dead as one of them soldiers in the news, or if you survive and exceeded your leaders expectations, then you might get a medal.

Well hey at least you get a medal!

At the end of the day, in my opinion, I strongly believe if world leaders want to declare war, they should call out the leader they have an issue with, and fight to the death. Why should good mothers and fathers die ’cause of these decisions, why should people be used and thrown away due to these disagreements?

The real reason, besides profit, is to establish power. What better way to show off power than to say we’ve got bigger bombs than you, we’ve got better weapons and fighters than you, we have the potential to wipe out your country, etc.

The bottom line is that wars are completely pointless and they just lead to pain and suffering, there is no point of wars. The only ones who benefit are the ones that make world decisions for their own selfish desires.

You can dream of the world having peace but to be honest it probably won’t happen in my lifetime, which is sad really. I mean, how much better would the world be if greed and corruption wasn’t a factor?

For now it is only just a figment of my imagination; hopefully it could become reality some time soon.

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