Time is your most valuable asset. Good memories come from good times, where you spent time in a nice place and saw family, for example. Time is valuable for that main reason: The fact that it can give you the best experiences of your life.

Time can also be sold, usually per hour, which everyone who has started working knows already. Do these people working many hours for money, which they’ll use to enjoy themselves or pay bills, enjoy themselves regardless of whether they have money? Or do they rely on it to enjoy the time they spend?

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This blog post is going to discuss Time and its value, which many people underrate nowadays in today’s society.

What is time spent on?

Every single day, every minute, every second, time is spent, with or without your consent. All the time you spend on a specific task, which could be a game, a video, a text, even scrolling for a few minutes on Instagram, is all time being spent that you will never get back. It often gets joked about, but we need to look in deeper.

A ridiculous amount of time nowadays is spent on technology. By me, by pretty much everyone, at least some time in a normal day you’d go on Instagram or Snapchat for a bit, or bang out YouTube for a while, at least some part of your day, involves social media.

Moments turn to hours, if you spend two hours a day on tech that’s more than 700 hours a year on something irrelevant to you in the long run.

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You work and sell your time for money, however way you look at it. Now the real thing to think about, is: Are you spending the money you sold your time to get, on chasing a dream, or for a night out on the weekend? You’d be wasting the money you spend your Time to earn, and your Time is spent somewhere that won’t help you move forward in life.

Think to yourself: “Am I happy with what I spend my time on?”, and read on…

Are you happy with how you spend your time?

Do you enjoy where you spend your time or not? Do you think you earn how much you deserve per hour you spend there? If you want change, you need to put more time into productivity and chasing a goal. This could be a promotion at work, or starting your own business, you just need to make sure you invest enough time into reaching it.

You don’t want to spend the rest of your days getting mistreated by a boss chasing his dreams because you have to, you want to make every day one more step closer to your goal.

Don’t ever say you have “no time to be productive”, when you have the time to scroll for an hour through memes, or 3 hours to play GTA in your evening before bed. It’s about routine and habit.

Replace your habits of going on social sites with being productive, thinking of how you can base your life and your Time around things that matter, not things that would waste your time.

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