Whenever you go to the gym you’re feeling energized, ready, eager, to achieve your gains and goals.

You make sure you ate a good amount of protein prior to the workout, and that you have water to keep you hydrated or a snack, even.

One of the main mistakes when working out is that people don’t do it for long enough. It’s common for people to do a certain amount of reps and sets then stop, regardless of how they feel, it’s about pushing yourself.

This blog post is about how long you should work out for, and what affects the time you spend.

What are your goals?

Not everyone goes to the gym for the same reason. Sure, the stereotype is that it’s a bunch of men that go to the gym to work their biceps and overall for strength.

Some go for that ’30 mins of physical activity a day’, some go to lose weight, some go to tone, some go to get bigger. For whatever reason you go to the gym, you need to make sure you are at least staying long enough to reach your desired goal.

As a general rule of thumb, for those of you that go to the gym, 45-60 mins is considered long enough to fulfill your needs for that workout.

But as it depends on reason, if you were to be going to the gym to lose a bit of extra weight you would aim to stay maybe a bit longer than normal to be able to burn more calories.

If you are body building you may be considering a lifestyle of eating large amounts and so spending a longer amount of time in the gym to make up for that, and so therefore you will spend a lot longer in the gym.

But then again you must consider the facts. Muscle breakdown starts occurring at around 45 mins into your workout, so whatever you do once your muscle starts breaking down will do more damage than good.

All depending on your training style however, I personally will work out a number of reps and sets for me to do and go through them, making sure I eat before and after whilst drinking water during the work out.

I would usually end up doing around 4 different sets: 5 sets of push ups, 5 sets of pull ups, 5 sets of dips, 5 sets of diamond press ups, which is more than enough to challenge you to the point of muscle breakdown, and lasts around 40-50 mins, with the appropriate rest breaks for around 60 seconds in between each set included.

sets and reps

Source: Sets and Reps post

Or alternatively you could be someone who works in a high-intensity environment where you will be working to the point of failure and pushing yourself harder the further you go along.

High intensity workouts are workouts which have high intensity work periods whilst having short rest periods in between each set. Due to the nature of high intensity workouts they usually last an average 4-12 minutes, so the length of time really depends depending on your goals, and the way you work out.

Length of Time You Work Out Depends on the Intensity

It’s never simple, but the concept is: If you work out at high intensity, you will need less time, if you work at a lower intensity and are just completing reps and sets, your muscle breakdown won’t start occurring until later.

As long as you consume enough protein, and your protein-muscle synthesis is greater than that of your rate of muscle breakdown, you will reach your goals with the right amount of effort and obsession.

In order to reach your goals, you need to stay hydrated, make sure you consume the right amount of protein, before and after a workout, along with eating well in terms of nutrients (less junk), and working out by regularly challenging yourself and improving your abilities.

Another important aspect that needs to be considered is the amount of rest you get. 8 hours is the amount I always try to get regardless, but they say 6-8 hours is ideal. Protein synthesis also occurs in sleep, so consider that before staying up late before work the next day!

That was another Mizfit fitness post on how long you should work out for, but don’t just take my word for it, go and see what suits you, but try not to fall into a cycle of laziness where you work out too comfortably and don’t even break a sweat, challenge yourself!