A couple weeks back, about three weeks ago, I was ill for a while and it threw me off my motivation to work out.

I knew for myself that I was being lazy and there was no question to it, but my mindset was off track and of course, in that habit of the “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude.

Without you telling yourself “I need to do this” you won’t feel as obliged to do a task than you deep down feel you need to be, in order to achieve a goal.

This post is going to be about your mindset and how much it can affect your path of achievement.

Mindset is Everything

What makes you workout, push ’til the end, is your mindset. The reason you get up out of bed to go to work, is your mindset to want to maintain a career to pay for what you need.

What makes you get up and be bothered to do anything is when you tell yourself “I need to do this today”. So if you want to put yourself into a mindset to get into fitness and take it seriously, just tell yourself when you’re slacking: “I need to do this”.


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Urgency is a factor that influences you, if something is to be done urgently, you’re more likely to do it. In any case, be it a business for you to start, a regime, or a career you want to get into.

The actions are what is most important. No point saying ‘I’m gonna do this and that’ when you haven’t made the first move yet. Like making your logo for your business, or starting to go to the gym regularly, or in the other example, sending more applications to more companies for a bigger chance to be seen.

It takes roughly 17-21 days to make/break a habit. Habits start with obsessions. If you want to change your mindset or your overall attitude or habits, develop an obsession with your thoughts, be it starting your business, getting new gains, or getting into your new career.

Don’t Just Say It, Do It.

Every action comes from an initial thought, every single action you take comes as a consequence of your thoughts. But the same can not be said about thoughts, as in, all thoughts becoming reality, dreams, etc. Why is it that you’ve been planning on leaving your job and you haven’t gotten to it yet? Actions speak louder than words.

tomorrow procrastination

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Unfortunately people limit themselves by using their spare time for less useful activities that won’t help them get closer to a goal, but will entertain them for the irrelevant moment.

Merely considering things isn’t enough. “I’ll make my website next year”, “I’ll sign up to gym next month”, “I’ll apply for jobs tomorrow”. This “I’ll do it later” attitude is actually a growing problem. This decision fatigue people have when hesitating to take action whilst they procrastinate is actually very common too, and must lead to various people living a life of regret.

My goal in life is to live to the fullest. I want to find my ideal career and work within it as a living to then reach my goals I want to achieve, both financial and health-related.

thoughts and mindset

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My way of achieving these would be to take it one step at a time depending on what time I have to work with. So with me and my fitness habit I would try to push my self to be working out within the first 2-3 hours of waking up. Since I’m currently looking for work again I put in a full hour after working to send out applications…

All whilst two evenings a week I put in enough time to write up blog posts from notes written in my notepad. I write ideas whenever they come to mind because I’ve discovered your mind is your greatest asset.

These ideas that come to mind such as a random invention could one day be something the world needs, your business idea, your Youtube channel… If you have a goal, take the first step towards achieving it, and think of every set back, every time it feels long, overlook those negative thoughts towards your desires and think positively.

As if every day is a step closer to your goal, no matter how irrelevant or small the action, it’s performing the action that counts. Actions will forever speak louder than words. Saying you will have that summer body, saying you’re going to get out of that job stacking shelves, saying you’ll get to this and that soon is all well and good, but to create and maintain a positive mindset, take that first step.

I hope you enjoyed that post on the importance of your mindset, hopefully I’ve given you something to think about and this has made you more eager to chase your dreams with more persistence. That was another ‘Thought Thursday’ by The Mizfit. Stick by for next week’s post!