People nowadays do not pay attention to the true priorities in life.

What I mean by real priorities can involve things like: A career, family, people around you, opportunities, world problems, your health (to name a few).

This post is going to be about people’s attention, what the majority focuses on, compared to what they really should be focusing on.

What People Usually Pay Attention To

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the vast majority of people these days focus on technology way too much.

Many pay attention to the media, celebrities, scandals: pretty much everything in the media is just a distraction; yet it doesn’t stop people from excessively diverting their attention to it.

Think about it. The ‘Cash me ousside girl’, she started as being a disrespectful little girl on a TV show, to a worldwide celebrity due to people entertaining her stupid personality.

People feed the fire, spending time they could spend on themselves for growing and improving their lives, on following a 13 year old girl and entertaining her negativity.

It’s not only that, the majority of the population’s creativity is backwards. You see an old friend of yours posting a pic with his or her new watch.

Thinking about your own struggles in life, and how somebody presents themselves as care free, and successful without being considerate that this is just a front, and everybody goes through their struggles.

What I mean by creativity being backwards is that people fully believe and live by the ‘fake it ’til you make it’ attitude, paying more attention to how they present their lives rather than how they live their lives.

Social Media has made people overly self-conscious about their own lives, with individuals feeling that they always have to out-do each other just because of what their friends or celebrities they follow post.

stunting for social media

Instead of working on themselves, improving their lives, and proving to their own self that they are getting one step closer to their goals, an unhealthy obsession with comparing and trying to prove themselves to others is way too common.

No matter what, if you have set yourself goals and plan to reach them, you need to spend more time in grinding to achieve that goal instead of wasting so much time comparing yourself to other people’s social media masks.


Health is something that nearly everybody overlooks. If you do your research you would know that the majority of the world’s health problems come from what you eat.

Many people pay attention to advertising and succumb to the negative messages the industry puts through your head. Now I’m not saying I’m perfect, because I’m not, I love my wings and chips.

But, I know when junk food becomes a habit, and with what I’ve read about so many foods people eat every single day, even common foods like dairy, meat and fish, that it won’t end well.

eat healthy

The health problems that everyone develops at some point over the years: Cancer, Heart Disease, Cholesterol, Diabetes, can all be traced back to your diet.

Pay attention to your diet, you may not realise until it’s too late.

It’s not just that though, another thing people pay attention to on social media but not themselves is the amount of exercise fitness instagrammers do, for example. There are too many examples of fitness people on the ‘gram that people watch everyday in envy.

The way people look at transformation pics, having that ‘I wish I looked like that’ attitude, but not resulting in any action being taken.

What’s the point in complaining if you aren’t even trying? What’s the point in watching people and hating yourself when you are capable of doing anything? As long as you motivate yourself and try harder day after day.

That’s just another example of people’s attention being more focused on other people’s gains and successes rather than their own personal growth. Health is wealth.

If you feel you aren’t where you want to be in terms of fitness, health, or physique, then pay attention to what you can eat and do to change that for your own personal growth, instead of simply living in envy and regret.


Sadly in today’s society, many can’t figure out what they want to do with their lives, in terms of making a living, and grinding for themselves.

A large proportion of the world can end up living in a vicious cycle of going from job to job because they don’t enjoy what they’re doing, or working a 9-to-5 somewhere they hate because they simply cannot afford to not work, or can’t afford to take a risk and look for something else, because that could lead to them losing a home due to lack of money to pay rent.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts you sacrifice your non-refundable time to earn money at a job.

So pay more attention in what you love and what career paths that can lead to you doing that every day, instead of focusing on millionaires who chased their dreams.

If you feel you are lyrically gifted then try and make a track. If you really enjoy cooking try to become a chef. If you like make-up and are obsessed with it try to become a make-up artist or influencer.

I could go on forever with endless examples but I feel you guys get the point. Find out what you’re passionate about, keep looking into it, pay more attention into perfecting your passions and benefiting from them.

The World

Don’t pay too much attention to media distractions when real-life problems are constantly being created by psychotic-power-loving ‘leaders’.

Pay attention to unnecessary war over banks/resources, the Fukishima crisis in Japan, and how it’s affecting the USA, which is meant to be on the other side of the world, how new research into vaccines have proved them to be a way of reducing population.

If you don’t know about any of those three things I just mentioned I suggest you look into the real news that’s not on your public news channels, but the news that’s hidden from the public.

Pay more attention to your diet and how it’s the main way to control your health, not these new medicines or vaccines for diseases that didn’t exist a thousand years ago.

Look up “Dr. Sebi” and what he did for the world, how he cured AIDS without any medicine, just an “Alkaline Diet” and herbs, and how he was killed.

Dr Sebi
Dr. Sebi, the guy who cured AIDS then died soon after…

Pay attention to what’s really important. Don’t lose yourself within areas that are specifically designed to divert your attention from your own well-being.

Pay attention to yourself, what’s good for you, what’s healthy, what your life purpose is. Maybe you don’t know it yet, maybe you do.

For all we know, we only live once, and this life is not worth living if you don’t pay attention to the real important things in life, like how to be happy, and healthy.

The people in your life; Keeping in touch with family. Don’t lose yourself to a device, don’t die early because of a poor diet, don’t stay somewhere where you’re unhappy because you feel it can’t change. You’re in control of how you turn out, reclaim your attention.

Be in control of your attention, only then can you be in control of how your life turns out. That was another Thought Thursday from The Mizfit, come back next week for another insight into how I think.

‘Til next week.