creativity lightbulb

Everyone has that spark. Something they’re good at, a talent, ambition, character.

Yet, the majority of the time people just focus on their current situation.

You could be doing exams, or working on a project, or maybe you feel you’re overworking yourself so you feel like you just want to chill.

You could be feeling stressed, or thinking about what he or she said, whatever.

My point is, people don’t spend enough time that they could be spending, being productive.

This post is about how to be more productive, instead of feeling regret, and thinking about things you could or should have done in the past to make today better.

Time is Important

You’ve seen my post about time and its importance. You could waste an hour of your limited time scrolling on your phone, instead of grinding for a goal.

Think of your free time as space to be creative. When we’re bored, we entertain ourselves, the good thing about being productive is that it’s also entertaining.

Think about it, when you scroll on your phone you can end up bored. But if you’re designing something, or thinking of an idea, you never get bored.

It’s that spark, we all got it, we’ve all been there when we have a business idea and it gets forgotten. The one who mentions it didn’t think himself as enough to start it, that she or he is not good enough.

Be productive in your free time when you have it, no point thinking you’ll do it tomorrow when tomorrow’s never guaranteed.

Do what you’re good at

Business people usually sell products within an industry they’re familiar with. Basically, whatever you’re good at, there is a way for you to base a career out of it.

If you love a sport you can play it for a living. If you wanted to invent a product that doesn’t exist, you have to know what it takes, and not just think of it as an idea, for it to just get quickly forgotten again.

Once you put in that work, you realise whether it’s possible or not, then you make your next move…

Creativity is what starts business, it’s what keeps people in check. Too many people wait for others to change the world, when they can be the person to do it themselves.

My View

The way I see it, creativity is something you have but you have to be conscious of it.

Too many times it’s indoctrinated in schools and the media that we aren’t good enough, “unemployment is rising”, “businesses are failing” , “You can’t be successful without university”, all of this to keep people thinking that they’re not good enough.

You get celebrities that have no talent, who are just dumb people that get millions for doing what they do, at least that’s in some way creative, except for the fact that it distracts people from their own potential.

I’m not arrogant so I won’t be saying that I’m very creative.

I just enjoy thinking to myself about things and taking notes, thinking about future plans and each step I’ll take to get there.

Whenever I have an idea I always write it down, it became habit, and can end up as a really productive thing to do.

Most of my blog ideas were written on the tube, or at work, even Mizfits was started cause of a note I wrote down.

Moral is just to be productive with your time, don’t treat it like something you can push aside because I guarantee you’d prefer to waste time on something you believe in rather than some temporary thing in life.

Haven’t posted in a while and that’s my bad, just started my new job, trying to find time, but stay posted, because I’m gonna be back pretty soon with much more content.