Summer is right around the corner. For me especially, I booked flights early July so I basically only have 2 complete months to get in shape.

Just recently started my new job and I’m happy here, everything’s good at the moment. Got a gym membership for Easygym two weeks ago, and I’ve started to get back in that zone of working out.

The summer body’s my motivation, I’m gonna try and bulk up as much as I can in one month. Hopefully it can make a difference, then I’m gonna focus on getting toned up by the time I get on on my flight to my hometown

This post is going to be about my strategy for my summer body transformation, that I plan to achieve by 12 weeks.

Bulking up

To bulk up, what I’m gonna focus on is eating more.

Now this ain’t to say that I’m going to eat chips and lots of junk, but getting more healthy fats in my system. I’m planning out my days so that I snack on almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, all nuts that are natural sources of healthy fats.

I’m also going to drink more heavy smoothies along with that (with oats, milk, bananas, blueberries, whatever). The more I put on, the better, I’ve been lean for a very long time and think it’s time to build more muscle.

Breakfasts will consist of things like avocado and boiled egg toast to give me an early source of both fat and protein in my day. All whilst I focus on keeping in my routine.

egg avocado toast

To build more muscle mass overall, first you need to increase your overall mass, and overall strength, so I’ll do that by gradually increasing my weighted squat. Instead of working on isolation exercises I’ll be focusing on more compound exercises (exercises that use more muscles overall).

Compound exercises are going to include weighted squat, leg press, barbell bench press, weighted pull ups, shoulder presses, and more.

My bulking up strategy is only half the battle, I still have to keep in routine and making sure that my training isn’t just ‘Comfy training’, see more about comfy training here.

Toning Up For Summer

Hopefully my way of bulking up works for me and gets me to the point where there’s parts that are big and need toning to get that chiseled physique.

To tone up, I’ll be regularly doing various types of pushups: diamond, wide arm, fist push ups, freestyle push ups.

It’s not a numbers game anyways. I prefer to play with speed and a certain time frame than do some reps of only one type.

Many toning exercises are specifically for certain muscles, like dips, tricep extensions, bicep curls, regular chin ups, the list goes on.

The aim is to get my arms in the best shape they can be, then I’ll focus on abs, the most important part, in my opinion, of my summer body transformation.

Ab workouts for Summer

In way I’ve been lucky to have had a six pack since year 6. I just used to do 100 sit ups a day.

I knew nothing about getting a 6 pack, or exercise in general, yet that got me what I love seeing all the time.

Now I’m older, wiser, in better shape and more educated in what exercises I can do to work my abs. Many exercises that work your abs can be done with barbells, the plank, when doing dips, if you extend your legs you work your abs, same with when you’re on the bar extending your legs works them too.

calisthenics bars

I plan to train my abs in the same time frame I tone my arms in and perfect the summer body by July.


Next week on, you should expect to see a lot more posts on health and thoughts. Occasionally tracking my progress too, a way of me seeing my own growth, for you to have advice on my tried and tested methods.

Thanks for reading if you’re here, if you browse the mizfit, you may find something else you like. Keep returning to eventually read more about my summer body transformation, or come back Thursday to see my thought of the day.