Today’s Thought Thursday is going to be about people’s morals. People’s principles of right and wrong, the way people think.

I’m going to cover how the majority of people don’t think twice about something they could be doing every day, certain things that only add to how dark this world already is.

What people find funny

If you’ve been here before you’d know I look into things that people don’t usually give second thought about, such as how technology affects society, or whether money makes you happy or not.

Lets mention something that has always been around, but nowadays people are joking about it more than ever. Cheating. Nearly every day I see a meme about cheating, not just from big pages but from everyday people.

Cheating on your partner, someone who dropped every person for you, is nowadays seen as a joke… As if it’s innocent. People make jokes about being snakey to people that could love them, while the victim is left broken

cheating and morals

People get laughed at for ‘catching feelings’ cause nowadays people don’t think they should have hearts, or they should trust anyone, because those moral standards in them are just gone.

If someone cries over a breakup they’re seen as weak for expressing love, the most powerful influence over everyone…

Nowadays people become famous, in the wrong ways, because people laugh at their disabilities, that people just turn into a meme to get likes. People try and go gym to lose weight and get teased because they’re obese, trying to better themselves.

Or an anorexic person eating to put on weight, having to walk in public in shame of getting stared at. Everyday you see some example of sexism being made out to be a light, innocent subject, which somehow still exists even though a man and woman need each other to create life…

It’s just stupid what people find funny nowadays, it’s just dark, these things are real problems people deal with, made out to be as if it’s nothing because people don’t feel anymore.

Respect and helping your fellow man

Many don’t have the moral mindset to realise that everybody should be treated with equal respect, if the world is ever to know peace.

Speaking of peace, another thing that makes me question people is how many fights are filmed and shared daily, showing someone getting beaten up with no one even slightly thinking of helping the one on the ground.

Even worse still, when people beat up a homeless man or woman, just for the sake of feeling big. These cowards who attack people with practically nothing, clearly got something wrong with their heads.

Yet, we still see videos of this happening, the person who’s filming it doesn’t intervene either, which says a lot about what this world is slowly becoming.

The moral concept of ‘helping your fellow man’ is slowly drifting away from people, as this carries on every day.

The fact that racism is still alive is a really big mystery to me. I mean, how shit of a person do you have to be to hate or insult someone because of their race?

It’s pathetic, the Earth is all ours, we all live on it, every different race just means a different part of Earth to explore, people need to learn to mature and appreciate every culture.

racism and morals

I would love to spend a month (or more) in each continent to explore the countries within and embrace every culture, one of my life goals really.

Think about it, we’re all human, one very distant family, and to be honest it would only make sense that we came from one common ancestor, a very long time ago. We don’t come from chimps, don’t even suggest that to me.

We need to learn that we as people need to respect each other, be patient with each other, and treat others how you want to be treated. Yeah it sounds cheesy, but the only way this world would be a better place is if everyone is on the same level.

No one is perfect, and not every one will get along, we all have our differences and preferences. But morals are something that you should always make sure you never let go of, they are what makes you human, your character and what you believe, ultimately defines you.


You are in control of what you think, no one else is. Don’t let anybody push their negativity on to you if you don’t agree with it.

We are all born as blank slates and luckily enough I grew up with a different mindset to many and don’t agree with many values that many live by. Obviously not everyone has lost their sight of morals, but it’s becoming a trend and it’s important to think twice in order to better yourself.

What I know is that I have respect, and I feel that everyone should at least maintain that, be it for their friends, partners, parents, and any friend or family member they come across, anyone you know, you should have mutual respect for

Consider the actual context next time you laugh at someone getting hit after they’re knocked down on the street, or you see a woman protesting for her rights, or a person trying to better themselves, you don’t know their story.

That was another Thought Thursday from The Mizfit on society and morals, come back next week for more posts on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mindset.