Health is important, in all aspects. However, people still treat it like it’s a joke, or that it’s something you can consider thinking properly about a later time.

Every day people do things that hurt their health without even thinking about it: Like staying at home all day being lazy, or going to work and getting that same unhealthy lunch because it’s cheap.

Everyday we could be doing something to ourselves that can actually slowly be hurting us more and more, but the problem is, people just don’t care enough.

Or you could be someone that wants to lose weight or get in shape and you could be annoyed that you’re not where you want to be.

Today’s thought of the day is gonna be about health and happiness and how you can make your life that bit healthier and make you an overall happier person.

Healthy and Unhealthy Foods

What is most overlooked in life is the food we eat. There are many people that regularly eat fast food, either because they just like wings or it’s their only choice on their lunch break.

With the statistics showing you how many people get cancer and how the food you eat affects how severe it is. You need to make sure you’re eating more fruits and veg, instead of processed meals that are made in a microwave, do your research and eat alkaline fruits to help prevent cancer.

cancer cure


Enough about that topic, let’s talk about how eating healthily makes you feel.

If you ever go on a diet for a while, you will feel that you have more energy.

Yeah wings can be nice, but overall wings aren’t gonna make your body feel good after. I noticed that when I ate fruits, more natural sources of sugar, I was in a better mood than when I ate processed chocolate when I had the munchies.

Biologically the body is wired to eat primarily fruits and veg, basically plant based foods. But nowadays the population is used to eating meat very regularly, which leads to people feeling lazy after eating and sluggish, as meat is acidic, not alkaline.

acidic food

Source: Instagram @ChakaBars

I wouldn’t say meat is healthy anyways, but I still eat it, I don’t have much alternatives at the moment.

Yet when eating on a daily basis, just making little changes like eating more salad, like cucumbers, or fruits like pineapples, just as examples, your body will get the nutrients from them and you will feel better all in all.

Try to eat healthier, because if you do, your body will reward you for it.


Exercise is another thing that is always brushed aside by people of any age, young, old, I do it myself.

Some days you feel that exercise might be long today, I’ll go gym tomorrow. Or, your friend asks if you wanna go gym and you turn him or her down to chill by yourself.

Exercise is often brushed aside because people don’t think of it as important enough.

When you work out, you will notice that once you’re done, you will be in a great mood. It don’t matter if you were running, doing weights, calisthenics, anything, after working out you feel good.

exercise endorphins


Cause it’s not just about the work out, when you exercise, your body releases endorphins which make you feel good, a way better feeling than if you were to stay home and play Fifa.

And the thing is, it’s not hard to get a little workout in your routine every now and then.

It’s good for your blood flow, helps keep you looking how you want to look, and makes you feel good.

There are a lot of distractions like TV, an episode of a show you like but end of the day, those things are just fabricated ideas that people need to learn to ignore or brush aside.


Today’s thought of the day was to just make you think about your health and to give a few tips on what to consider when trying to improve it.

It’s not hard to be healthy and once you are healthy you’ll be happier. Health is happiness, and today’s thought of the day hopefully helped you think about that; if you have any questions, feel free to ask, ’til Thursday mizfits.