Today’s Thought Thursday is going to be about life goals. But first I’m gonna talk about how we start out in life in the first place.

The majority of us start off as young, and experiencing life without any adult problems. Then you start going to school, then focusing on your tests.

Then you move on to secondary school, meet people, but still have to get your grades, then A levels/college, the same thing happens all over again.

People then focus on uni and revolve their mind around getting a job and a degree, instead of the bigger picture, what they plan to achieve, what goal, they want to reach.

What is your purpose in life?

Millions of people revolve their mind around money. People work through their childhood through education then advanced education to get a job with a good enough salary to pay off a house.

1. Once you finish uni, will you get a job straight away? I’ll let you think about that.

2. How old will you be, and will you have a mortgage yet?

3. Do you know what you want to do in life?

Time is your best asset yet people still take it for granted, working as much as they can no matter how much time it takes up to make money, and if it’s not going towards a plan what is it for?

Just saying, people legit spend decades paying off a mortgage without actually ending up owning the place, it’s tragic.

Then you get the entrepreneurs, who have an idea, and turn it into a reality, and the successful ones ended up profiting from it too.

business man

Perks of owning your own business: Job security, you can’t fire yourself (unless your business literally goes bust), you don’t rely on another person for income.

Businesses can make a lot of money and you can still earn the amount your boss decides to pay you, he could be making triple that in a week for all you know.

Owning your own business is a good way to show that you can make a concept into reality, and that you have good intuition. A goal of many is to own their own business, people may say it, but they might not chase it.

It’s one of my goals, to turn one of my ideas or passions into a a way of life, but it takes real drive, proper effort and dedication.

The main goal is to own a successful business starting from the bottom and having enough free time to enjoy the simple things in life.

My Life Goals

Let’s talk short term, my goals are to get in better shape, eat better, maintain a healthy body and soul. I want to maintain a exercise routine till old age.

I’m loving my job, but also feel that the future’s gotta have me trying to launch my own businesses to try it out and see if my marketing experience pays off, who knows?

I plan to make money as part of helping me achieve my goal, of a paid off house with land in the sun somewhere back home, with enough extra money to travel around the world and explore different cultures.

Something that will complete me is learning about all different cultures, trying their native foods, exploring what they have to offer.


I want to learn many different languages and get smarter while I grow. Health, happiness and peace is all I’m aiming for for simple goals. I plan to get healthy by having clean eating habits, happy by positive thinking and living, and peace is to be achieved every day, after every long day find time to relax.

Every day we get time to relax, and use it to think about what you love. Make your goals for the moment to just chill for a bit every day till you can afford to relax without having to worry about going back to work.


This post was mainly just to trigger your thinking, to look into your creative side and explore it more. Also, think about what your life goal is, and whether you’re doing the right things to achieve it, or them..

If your life goal is to find peace, stop thinking so much, and realise that life can be simple if you treat it like it is.

That was today’s Thought Thursday about goals in life, come back next week to catch my thoughts.