Every religion is different. Yet, many religions still work around the same values, some morals may be very similar, a sense of unity, and being in many religions.

Religion has the power to change someone with destructive behaviours to a more calm, relaxed person. Religion has inspired a lot of art, landmarks, many interesting cultures exist because of religion and its impact on the world.

This Thought Thursday is going to be about all different types of religions and why you should respect them.

Religion and beliefs

Many religions promote peace and positivity, healthy lifestyles and mindset. Like Rastafaris that smoke herb live a vegan diet, live by loving life and respecting nature.

rasta religion

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The intention to live as a good person is common in many religions too, the concept of a heaven or hell, be a good person in return for a rewarding afterlife, or a rewarding reincarnation (like in buddhism, sikhism and hinduism), depending on how you behave, or good and bad karma.

If you respect people and living things then you will end up with good karma, if you enjoy killing animals and harming people then you will develop bad karma.

They say what goes around comes back around: Karma. Many religions also consider the concept of karma in ideas like heaven or hell in christianity, or jahannam or jannah in Islam.

All these different types of religions are basically saying, be a good person overall. Yet, so much conflict comes from disagreement over cultures and religions, conflict because of different ways of life.

We should respect all religions as they form a basis where people unite and have a sense of being. I believe if everyone was respectful and embraced all different religions and/or cultures, the world would be a better place.


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Just because you have a certain belief doesn’t mean you have the right to put down anyone else’s religion or culture. All religions have basic start dates indicating where they originated yet people are still ignorant.

I personally do not know where we came from why we exist or how we came about, something must have created it all, yet that’s still to be discovered in my lifetime.

What do you believe in?

Don’t let other people’s negativity draw you away from your true beliefs or how you decide you want to live your life. As long as you don’t cause harm to others, feel free to do whatever makes you happy, life is about happiness and embracing what the Earth has to offer.

For all we know, we have one life, one chance to discover anything you want, one chance to create your legacy, one chance to embrace life, for all we know…

The problem with a lot of religions, well I wouldn’t say problem, but something that is a little bas is the pushing of the belief of a reward after death.

As there is no certainty that there is life after death, people may live their lives not truly enjoying it. People work themselves to death, live depressed, hoping that one day they’ll wake up in paradise.

In a way it’s also good, life can be hard and religion can be a way to escape and feel more secure. but you always must remember, the key to a happy life is to not think so much, to always try to be happy and embrace what comes to you in a positive way.

If we only live once, which can’t be confirmed or denied, we got to make sure we live life to the full, every day, and not let a day go to waste, regardless of belief.

I believe my purpose in life is to live healthy, happy and fit, I want to be successful and treat everyone I come across with respect, life’s not worth any negativity.


So the basic message here, is to respect people’s religions you don’t know if it provides them comfort, or purpose, just because you don’t agree, doesn’t mean you need to judge their beliefs.

We are all in control of our own lives, no one else’s, live for yourself and embrace other beliefs, other ways of life. Embrace other cultures, you don’t need to agree with them, but see them for yourself, you might learn something new…

That was another Thought Thursday from the Mizfit, come back next week for more.