Still working on that summer body, 5 times a week, two days biceps and chest, two days triceps, shoulders and back, and leg day.

For abs: 100 sit ups a day (split into 2×50 sit ups) and 60 second plank split in two sets.

I go gym 5 days a week, do at least 3 exercises per muscle and mix up bodyweight and weight exercises.

This post is going to be about bodyweight and free weight workouts and the benefits of each.

Bodyweight workouts (Calisthenics)

Yesterday I worked triceps, back and shoulders so I mixed up the workouts: pushups, dips, pull ups, as well as free weight exercises to work my muscles.

What I noticed about bodyweight workouts is that it’s simply you pushing yourself to beat your own body.

The more reps and sets you end up doing with time, is when you end up seeing and feeling the benefits of bodyweight workouts.

chin ups

With weights you need to get used to a heavy weight, and you may hurt yourself trying to push yourself too far, with calisthenics you become more synchronised with your body, as well as stronger and more in control of yourself.

Around a year ago when I lived in Camberwell I had a gym membership but spent a lot more time doing chin ups with my bar at home.

It’s always good seeing your progress, the more reps you can do, the stronger you’re becoming, essentially. Other benefits of bodyweight exercises are:

  • Good for Gains – Helps to build and keep lean muscle mass
  • Good for your health – Improves cardiovascular health
  • Good for your mood – Exercise releases endorphins helping to improve your mood.
  • Cheap – Can be done from home, with no need for a gym membership
  • I prefer bodyweight exercises, with the right resources, than free weight exercises because you can really see where you’re becoming one with your body, I’ve seen more results from bodyweight workouts anyways.

    Free weight workouts (gym weights or machines)

    Even though I would ideally prefer calisthenics I still go to the gym, and bang out weights.

    Weights are good for results, and tracking your progress, with the right approach to it.

    free weights

    Every week I keep track of what weight dumbbell I did bicep day with, or triceps, and with gradual weight increase with time, follows gains.

    Benefits of free weight training are:

  • Increases strength – Weight training pushes you to your limit
  • Bone density improves with weight training
  • Weights are easy to track progress
  • When using weights you need to be careful to not lift too much if you can’t hack it. No point stunting for your ego, if you can handle it, by all means do it, but if it’s too much, and you don’t have a spotter, start a bit slower.

    More gains happen with the more reps and sets, whilst challenging yourself. So when weight training you need to consider pushing yourself to limits whilst still maintaining a routine.


    A mix of both free weight and bodyweight exercises will do you good if you’re trying to tone up for summer.

    It’s basically six weeks till my holiday, and I’m grinding for that summer body. What motivates me is results, and the more I work, the more results I get, push yourself this week.

    Just a quick fitness post, pics coming in a while when the gains are here, till Thursday.