Today’s thought of the day is going to look into why people love posting their business everywhere. I’m not talking about actual businesses, but relationships, break ups, family issues, etc.

A lot of the time I see people posting quotes about loyalty, or trust, then breaking up with someone they’ve been with.

The funny thing is, I could have never met a person, but because they’re active enough on social media they share enough of their life so me or any follower can see how they are.

I believe relationships should stay private, because when others get involved, that’s where you’ll start to see problems.

Besides, the people who post all the pics and the quotes for anyone to judge, end up with people getting involved and stirring problems between them, eventually leading to the end of them.

Today’s thought of the day is about why you should live a private life, and why people may be one to share everything online.

Why people like to share…

A lot of the time when people get into relationships the first thing they do, in this generation, is take lots of pictures for the gram or snap.

Usually it all goes well, then one person starts posting quotes about loyalty and doubts…

deserving quote

Friends of his and hers start talking and the small problems become more known between everyone, then the girl or guy is single.

It may be a bit blunt but it’s usually how relationships work these days, they’re good for a bit and it’s expressed online until the posting stops and the couple needs to realise if they even like each other.

Sadly many are too affected by social media and others to prioritise their own partner, nowadays people are promoting being single in the first place.

But why is one posting about it in the first place? Why the quotes? People posting their personal business… ‘Cause it’s a bit like a cry for help.

Or it’s just for likes, but you need to realise that likes have a bigger impact on people than you think, and people end up craving those likes, the comments, the attention.

Not to say that one needs attention, but it means that they may need to sort some problems of their own and that’s how their partner sees it, or they just want someone, not exactly there, but to get it.

But it just leads to their problems being part of someone else’s timeline, forgetting how significant your actual problems are and how to solve them.

The more you obsess about posting online rather than focusing on the things that really matter, the less connected we all become.

Why a private life is a better life

I don’t know about you but I prefer a life where people don’t ask me questions about my private stuff. You can succeed in life but you’ll still fail at parts, and if the world knows every little thing you do and if you mess something up, you’ll get people annoying you about it.

The best way to work on yourself is to find your weaknesses and work to overcome them. You don’t need a crowd for that, and when you make it you don’t need to prove it to any crowd either, just enjoy the win and let your true ones know, of course.

When talking about relationships, I think I speak for everyone when I say the quieter your relationship, the better it is.

Like I mentioned about people posting their business online, I bet 90% of the time if neither person brought the situation to the timeline, the problem would’ve been done.

But posting stuff about your situation only invites nosey people, or friends and family, which will only make your issue, however minor it is, into something deeper.

“A private life is a happy life.”

Which is true in many ways, many people also like to come into contact when you’re successful too, not when you’re on the way there, they didn’t want to hear from you then. Just saying, there are some people who only pop up for a favour or to see your lifestyle.

You have to look out for who’s real and fake, in terms of who’s liked you from day one, and is actually a true friend, rather than the people who pop up when you have something new.

Your real friends, no matter what, will have maintained some form of contact if they were true to you, that’s my take on it, so you wanna see who’s real? Lay back and see who pops up.

stay quiet

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The best way to find out who’s real is to be lowkey in the first place, that way noone sees what’s going on in your life, without asking you.

If they do ask you, it shows that they are curious about how you are, which is usually a good sign. The more private you are, the better you are at realising who the real ones are.


Keep your life private and you’ll be better at improving yourself.

Today’s thought of the day was about living a private life and why some should consider it, it’s not always bad to post about your life, but when it’s to the point where people are getting involved in your business it’s a problem.

Stay woke.