Every day in the news there’s always a money problem, or a war, or a terrorist attack, or a new disease…

Every day there’s something negative in the world being broadcasted by the media and promoting fear within people.

The other day it was the Manchester attack, or the Syrian bombings which are constantly happening, for no reason other than pure greed and evil. Cancer, once a rare disease now said to exist in one in three people.

What we fear is what we don’t know. We don’t know what’s going on in North Korea, we don’t know how to prevent these diseases or how they’re becoming more common, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few days, weeks or months.

All we can do is educate ourselves and learn to live life through these fears. Today’s thought Thursday is going to talk about why we live in a constant state of fear, what people are afraid of, and what you can do to avoid that.

Money and War

Money is the root of all problems, and war is basically a direct effect of money’s influence on mankind. And what does war lead to? Deaths, broken families and destruction.

It’s no surprise, with how the world is at the moment, allegedly in billions worth of debt (somehow), along with tensions between powerful countries only rising, that people are living in fear.

In this day and age especially, with all these nuclear weapons, advanced technology and vehicles, designed to kill thousands efficiently, you have every right to be worried about war.

We fear Donald Trump and his cloudy inexperienced judgement as a president, or other country leaders like Kim Jong, etc. All these leaders have allies, if one country is attacked, retaliation attacks the attackers, then it leads to nuclear war…

The worst thing is that if a war was to start we don’t have a say, we’d just be thrown into it I guess. And if a nuclear war was to happen and we live in the city, it’ll be over before we even know it.

Another thing that derives from money that causes a large amount of fear is someone’s living situation.

Someone paying rent may worry if the landlord suddenly decides to bring up the price of the rent, or if someone’s mortgage goes up, whether or not they’d be able to afford it.

The problem is, we live in so much fear, so many worries about money, our home, our cars, our clothes, that we forget the real purpose of life: To live happily, to find peace.

Money and war are things that are both worrying, but not always in your control. If something was to happen tomorrow, god forbid, would you have rather spent this time mindlessly worrying, or appreciating the (slight) peace we’re living in nowadays?


There is a lot to fear about health, or better said, made aware of… Like for example the fact that pretty much all animal products we eat over time have an adverse effect on your health, along with many fruits and veg now being grown using GMO seeds which also eventually lead to diseases like cancer.

Many everyday foods seem to contribute to cancer also, even simple things like vegetable oils (when heated over a certain temperature becoming carcinogenic), or processed foods with hydrogenated fats.

They key to avoid being in a hopeless state and worrying about your health constantly is to gain control of what you eat. End of the day, medicine is useless if your diet is terrible.

Medicines are simply designed to mask the symptoms of a disease or illness and not to cure, vaccines are cheap excuses to pump chemicals into a newborn before they have a view of life… If you want to maintain good health and avoid disease and sickness, you need to eat better.

Many have that attitude like, ‘You only live once’ so you eat whatever you like, but end of the day, if we do only have one life, are you really going to ignore the facts just because food tastes good the moment you eat it?

End of the day, it’s the foods that heal that will ultimately help you live longer and maintain your health; and the junk will ultimately negatively affect your body, it’s bad enough we breathe polluted air, from both cars and sprayed from planes, at least eat right.


Chemtrails I saw this morning: Chemtrails are trails of gas sprayed by planes to release chemicals into the air from above, including aluminium, barium and polymer fibres.

For more info on what’s in chemtrails click here.

We shouldn’t be worried about health because we live in the day and age where we can do all the research that we need for ourselves, without needing to rely on the news or school for information, most of it is fake anyways.

Focus less on what the world wants to throw at you, but the simple things in life. The more you ignore the world and focus on yourself, the less you have to worry about.


The world is designed for you to fear it: It keeps people trusting the government to bomb other countries for ‘protection’, it keeps people paying taxes to fund the creation of vaccines, weapons and ‘new’ diseases which people assume popped up out of thin air.

Health scares fabricated to keep you returning to the GP for your pills, medication, or the latest flu jab. Take control of your diet and habits to control your overall health so that’s one less fear for you.

You can’t always control money and you definitely can’t control a country’s leader’s reckless actions, but the things that you can control are things you should learn not to fear.

Think more for yourself and switch off your tv, do research into diet changes to prevent disease and how sustainable living can be achieved to prevent stresses from rent, food or whatever.

That was another thought Thursday about why the world lives in fear, was a bit messy but I think I got you lot thinking; ’til next week.