I’ve been in many situation where I’ve been sick, have a bad flu, a runny nose, a strong cough. When you get that flu that kills you, keeps you weak, and you need a proper treatment.

Obviously your first instinct is to go to the doctor, get a prescription, right? Today’s thought of the day is about what I’ve learned about treatments when you’re ill, and why you should pay more attention to that rather than your hospital “treatments”.

GPs and Doctors

When you first go to the doctors for an ongoing problem they tend to just jump to conclusions and prescribe you something depending on your symptoms, without really being a cure for the problem.

They’ll prescribe you some pills and if that doesn’t work then some other type of pill. When I was around 13/14 I had this constant blocked nose, due to pollution most likely, and poor health overall.

My sister told me to go to the doctors so I went and got prescribed this nasal spray thing, it was nasty and I had to use it twice a day, kind of helped the symptoms, but when it did and I stopped using the spray, it just came back again.

The doctors seemed to not have anything else to do, and being a teen I’m confused as to why the doctors can’t fully cure me. I learned that doctors just give you treatments, not cures. Now a blocked nose may be a petty illness but to many it’s not petty at all.

People that suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, the list goes on, rely on doctors for pills to treat their illness. While there are certain things you can do to alleviate stress in your life, being prescribed pills for life which dumb you down is not the way life should be for a person.

pills kill

The problem with mental health is that life changes can also trigger immune responses in a negative way to your body. When a person is exposed to stress for a long period of time, chronic stress, the body starts to build up cortisol.

Cortisol’s a hormone secreted to manage stress, which when built up over time leads to a weakened system, and eventually makes the body prone to more illness, and less cures if they stay with their doctor.

And with more serious illnesses, the doctor will instead send you to the Hospital.


I think the NHS is great, when someone is injured they give great care, they can handle accidents, heal your broken leg, or help a mother give birth. But what hospitals lack, is the ability to cue more serious diseases, chronic diseases, for example.

Like Cancer, it’s horrible, can affect anybody and leads to much heartbreak. When people are diagnosed with cancer, many respond with Chemotherapy which, in simple words, destroys your body from the inside out.

Cancer is something that is thrown around nowadays, deemed as inescapable, and to some it is, to many actually, but it is definitely also avoidable. A century ago, the likelihood to get Cancer was 9%. We need to be more conscious than ever.

My mother had Diabetes, gets prescriptions for it but still isn’t officially ‘cured’ of it. It’s caused by diet, and with 18 years not that health conscious and the fact that it’s hereditary makes me prone to autoimmune diseases.

hospital treatments

What I learned from dermatologists in hospitals, without getting into too much detail, is that they know jack s*** about curing diseases, all they know is how to treat symptoms.

I learned that taking pills and prescriptions weakens the body even further, and that the real way to stay healthy is to do your own research and cure yourself from within, from your diet, and things you can use to keep your immune system strong.

Herbal Treatments

I was lucky to once be bored enough to scroll through explore and discover how Alkaline foods can help cure all disease. I learned about Dr Sebi, who I’ve mentioned before.

If he says that an alkaline body prevents disease, seeing as he’s cured cancer and AIDs with herbs, then what reason do I have to go to the hospital and doctors when I can cure myself. It make you wander: What have hospitals been doing all these years.

Over the past year I’ve read up on a lot of natural treatments that I know from experience do 10x better than any pill for your illness.

For example just to name a few, some fruits than can help cure cancer (if you eat clean): Soursop, just yesterday I read up on Mulberry and its properties for Diabetes, Pineapple and Papaya also been proven effective.

People can get treatments for serious diseases, natural treatments, people can treat depression with psychadelic plants and Marijuana, but these cures are held back for the medical industry to thrive. Cannabis oil itself, has been proven to help with curing Cancer, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, with more research to be done.

cannabis over alcohol

But you don’t always have access to cannabis oil, or in this case, I didn’t know what treatments are most effective if I get sick.

Last December I had a horrible flu, like I was dead, couldn’t hack it. By boxing day I had to force myself into work where I got even worse. I got home and took paracetamols that evening and night, made me feel warm and feel the symptoms less, but I noticed around 1 hour later I’d just feel the flu again, even harder.

The next two days I tried to just eat salads and drink Chamomile and Lemon Tea and it helped, a lot. Over the past 3 months I’ve researched Moringa Leaf, known as “the tree of life”.

SO I ordered Organic Moringa Tea, which has many health benefits and is a good source of Potassium, Iron and Vitamin E.

Tree of life

The main thing that’s made the biggest impact on me is Black Seed Oil. “Nigella Sativa Oil” has been taken for centuries by many people, including royalty. A famous quote describing Black Seed Oil is “The cure to almost all Ailments, except death.

When you get it you’re supposed to take it twice daily, and since I have, it’s been the only thing that has helped my blocked nose. Regardless of all the cars and fumes I walk past everyday, Black seed oil has proved itself to be the thing to always have around to maintain your health.

Black seed oil is known to cure diabetes, clear your skin, help with cramps, help the body with tackling various cancers, ease digestion, help with weight management, dry skin/lips, ulcers, to name a few…

cure for everything except death

Obviously this applies when taken regularly, and if you eat well, you cant live on junk food and Black seed oil and rid yourself of illness, it doesnt balance out.

You won’t cure yourself in a day, as nothing happens overnight. Not just immunity, I use jojoba oil instead of creams with chemicals in them to treat dry skin, Pure Argan oil for my face, Organic aloe vera gel for the body.

I avoid tap water and drink water with PH 7+, sometimes alkalising the water too with lemon or cucumber. I drink Moringa tea regularly, take black seed oil and try to eat clean, fruit breakfasts most mornings.

It’s clearly paid off, everyone in my office has been sick so far or caught it from the other, out of us four, only I have been well the whole time. I learned natural remedies and a clean diet are the only real ‘cures’ and sustainable ways to maintain your health.


This post was to just help you see that there are other options besides prescriptions and GPs. If you maintain your health, you’ll have nothing to cure in the first place.

Hospitals and doctors do helps many, with many problems, so don’t be thinking I am bad mouthing the NHS or anything. Just be aware that some things aren’t supposed to be treated in the hospital.

Hope you enjoyed today’s thought of the day, hopefully I made you think.