When I was growing up I remember distinctly looking at photo albums and seeing pics of me, from around age 3 to 14, there were plenty of pics and memories to go back to.

Those photos carry true meaning, an old reminder of who you once were, a nice day out, reminds you of a great day with great people. Nowadays people just snap everything on their phones, or record memories on Snapchat, but sadly those memories that should be precious are forgotten.

This thought Thursday is going to be about photos and how, strangely, the less memories that are kept in albums, the more I feel people are changing.

How I remember photos

One of the best parts of my childhood was seeing my cousins, socialising, joking around, just being family, those were really happy times I’ll never forget.

When the time was right, our aunties would take a pic of us as a group, or at dinner as a family, one great picture, for us all to look back on and remember.

Life used to be about experiences. If a camera was taken on a day out, holiday or family meet up, it would be for memories to film or we’d take pics of a moment we’d want to look back on.

Cameras took pics, they’d be printed out, and put in a photo album for us as a family to look over. Or a film would be made into a tape for us to all unite and watch over again.


I never remembered my mum or sis taking 10 pics if one person didn’t look good, maybe one or two, but not the lengths that people move nowadays take to get the ‘perfect picture’.

Now and back then when I looked back at those pics, I smile, those were good times, brings back good memories, or even if I was too young to remember the moment, the nostalgia is still there.

But nowadays, us as people have changed as a collective, and here’s why.

The age of ‘perfection’

Since we started getting phones with new cameras, nearly everything that we do we take pics of. Look around, you see hundreds of stories everyday on snap, of birthdays, holidays, link ups, Quinceañeras, etc. We live in an age where we film and snap everything, but on our phones.

Which isn’t a bad thing, the thought is all good, make memories take memories…

But the problem is, people’s ‘memories’, are snapped, on snapchat, IG, etc, on phones, not cameras. The problem with this instead of those Polaroids we used to have is how nowadays we got our technology, we have more freedom, meaning that if we don’t like a pic we can simply delete it.

I’ve seen it, and done it. Where you try to take a ‘selfie’ (which existed even before phones), but you don’t like it so you delete it and spend 30 minutes trying to get the perfect picture. I be with my fam trying to eat a meal but I’m not allowed until they take 8 pics that’ll soon be forgotten about anyways.

Wanna know why people are like this now? Because people aren’t taking pics for memories anymore, they do it for their ego, their ‘followers’, for likes… If the picture isn’t ‘perfect’, then it doesn’t usually make the cut.

selfies wily

Again this doesn’t apply to everybody, some may still go holiday and traditionally put those memories in an album, but many, many don’t. Now I know what you’re thinking: So what if people don;t take cameras? Good question.

The issue is that phones, no matter how much storage, price, etc, are temporary. Moretime you’ll re-new it every other year, maybe shorter if your phone breaks or is stolen.

And unless you get those photos of your holiday put on your laptop, if your phone is lost, stolen or broken, those memories are lost forever. We’ve become so dependent on technology that we forget this shit can break.

If your phone breaks and you have 1000 photos, no cloud storage, those pics are gone. You spill water on your laptop with all your pics, gone. The memories are always there on your phone yes, and let’s say your phone will never break…

The memories are always there, yet, the fact that you can access them whenever you want, you appreciate them less, because it’s all too convenient, as you can access these memories whenever you want to.

And with this attitude, you forget the original meaning of photos and how they are memories to look back on and remember, how valuable they really are.

Why I thought about this

I’m 19 and haven’t seen a photo album from our family any newer than 5 years old. Nowadays since it’s so easy to show everyone your life, you’d rather post the pics on Facebook, IG, Snap, but nowadays it’s not for yourself anymore.

Can you imagine a family of ten gathering around a phone looking at memories from 5 years ago? No. Because phones don’t last that long, and because of the fact that any friend or family member can see where you posted these pics and see them for themselves.

This leads to people drifting further and further, as they don’t need to visit someone to see memories, it’s no longer needed. You would have no record of what your ancestors looked like if they didn’t take pics and print them out for you to see – think about that.

This antisocial world is only getting worse. nowadays I see babies first pics being put on social media, for what? To disappear in 24 hours, or to be saved and looked at later.

I’ve been at family parties, before singing happy birthday people gotta get out their phones before the singing starts, only for to be f***ing forgotten anyways. I speak about antisocial people a lot because it’s what this world has become, very antisocial, and it’s clear why.

It’s sad that we’ve all been conditioned this way and most people don’t even realise it, then again they were conditioned, it’s affected nearly everyone from 14-35 in my family.

When I have a child, I want him or her to see their baby pics from an album, where the memory can stay and won’t just delete or break, no way am I going to have to look for these precious pictures. They will have their whole childhood caught in albums, not phones.

They’re going to be exactly where I left them, in an album, to show loved ones, personally I couldn’t give two shits about the world’s impression of my baby, it’s not their family to appreciate.

If you see what I’m getting at here hopefully you understand, people are drifting apart due to memories not truly being recorded. I wish I had as many pics of myself from 14-19 in an album rather than online.

Moretime you see it as a memory, but if you think you looked ugly, you might delete it and it will be lost forever, don’t let that be your life.

Stop spending so much time taking pics of food because you want to take the ‘perfect’ one to show off, F***ing enjoy your food.

Enjoy the company around you, cherish these moments, because you don’t know when the last day you’ll see your loved ones is. Go on holiday and take a pic to stunt if you have to, but then take out your camera and capture a true memory, before you forget it.


Thanks for reading my thought Thursday on what I noticed about this world and how the meaning of photos in this day and age has changed people for the worse. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been very busy…

If you agree then I’m glad, just try to think about it next time you go to a birthday or restaurant.

Try to notice the people and how they react before a meal or singing happy birthday, how they’d snap it for it to be forgotten forever, you’ll see it trust me.