Your mind is extremely powerful. Your life right now, besides a few other factors, is as it is as a direct result of your mind and actions.

Your mind is what gives you your free will, your morals, your trust, your mind is what allows you to consider and interpret your future, then take action.

It’s easy to say you think about the future with your mind, but when your mindset is on achieving goals, that’s when the real things happen. Your mind allows you to be able to consider, plan and achieve a future, depending on your judgement of what’s right for you.

Today’s thought Thursday is about the mind and how powerful it is, what can be achieved with your mind and the most important parts of you your mind can control.

The Future

Your mindset, thoughts and general attitude toward life are the real factors that are in control of your future. If you constantly see your life as hopeless, as negative all the time, without taking time to relax, or think of ways to change your situation, then moretime you’d stay in that position.

Many people’s goals in life is to start a business. People in school took business studies, yet afterwards don’t know what kind of business they would even want to start, they have no clue, simply because their mind is only thinking about a business to earn money, not how or what.

I’ve recently got into this habit where if a business idea came in my head, I would write it down in my notepad, in a bit of detail.

notes on business idea

Even though I’m not in the position to invest and start up a company, that process gave me a higher sense of hope and achievement, as every end goal starts off with an initial thought.

Why am I saying this? Because it’s easy for someone to say they wanna be a business man, or want to have a business, but are they taking the steps it takes to do so?

I’ve only recently started thinking about this but I learned that in life, a business, isn’t just one word, or concept. You need an idea, then a logo, then a brand, then a hook, then campaigns depending on what business you have, and most of all, you need money.

The problem is people are so stuck in this materialistic world they forget to save for potential life changing opportunities, and all it takes is a little thinking beforehand to be able to manipulate your future to your advantage.

I worked at JD for a while, nightshift, was shit. When I got fired because I stopped coming in I pushed hard to get a job to practice my marketing skills again and it happened within 3 weeks. I was thinking a couple months back that I want to make this idea (which I won’t say yet) a reality, and every day I take steps to get me closer to that goal.


You mind, as I’ve said, is more powerful than you think. Your mind, if you really pay attention, can even give you hints of what foods aren’t good for you.

You can tell when you’re ill, but you can also think positively about recovery and believe it or not, you’ll feel better soon after. I’m not just chatting for the sake of it, there’s a real theory behind this.

When i was in sixth form, I studied Psychology and learned that excessive stress and negative thoughts leads to a build up of the hormone Cortisol in your system, eventually weakening the immune system. so in plain English, if you always think negatively, it will negatively impact your health.

Now with positive thinking? Whenever you laugh, smile, are happy or high, your brain releases Dopamine, which enhances your mood and strengthens your immune system.

screengrab of case study

Full story here

The present

We all go through bullshit. Every one of us, not one of us lives a perfect life, everybody has their struggles. Regardless of how good someone hides it, we all have our troubles.

It’s important to regularly tell ourselves that you’re going to be fine, or tomorrow is another day, because either way, life will go on whether you’re stressed or happy, and we all want to be happy.

It’s not to say to ignore our problems, the opposite in fact, we acknowledge our problems, but face them but with a mindset of looking for a solution to the problem, rather than stressing over it. Don’t dwell on mistakes, improve on them.

Like I’ve mentioned many times, time is important, instead of stressing about not putting time in, convert that energy into grinding for a goal. Once you channel all negative emotion into positivity and practicality, that’s when you’ll notice a real difference.

The best part about your mind is that you have the capability, in most situations, to control the outcome. Today, tomorrow, your attitude towards this moment and the future is exactly what’s going to influence it.


Thank for reading my thought Thursday on the power of the mind, hopefully this made you think.

Just remember next time you feel down, and hopeless, stuck, remember you have the capability to change everything, but with that you must have patience, as nothing happens overnight.